Hi There Closet Ukulele Rocker!

  • Have you ever wanted to try something new but felt a little overwhelmed?
  • Have you ever wanted to feel your own special connection to music, feel more confident and tap into your own authentic self? 
  • Do you feel it’s time to do something just for you, put the fun police in jail and let off some steam with a new creative project?
  • Are you ready to explore new potential and untapped creativity? 


In less time than it takes to do a load of washing, you could be playing five different chords - enough to play a heaping handful of your favourite songs - on an instrument you've never picked up before, using only one finger.


But you’re going to need a few things to help you get started!


I have been teaching clients how to play the Ukulele for 3 years and know how hard it can be to get started so I’ve compiled easy to read, colourful and easy to follow books that I use to teach with every day to help you on your journey.


  • Chord Chart Book

    To print out and put in your practise space. Get your chord vocabulary started easily with coloured and numbered charts. Also great to use for games and songwriting. 

  • Getting Started on The Ukulele Ebook

    Includes all the basics of starting ukulele; How to hold, how to tune your Ukulele, How to start basic strumming patterns & How to read tab and fingerpick

  • How To Write Songs Ebook

    Once you've got the basics you can start having fun and creating your own songs with this easy how to starter guide. Complete with lots of templates and space to explore your creative ideas. 

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